Intentional IEP Writing will walk you through the basics of
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writing framework to write IEPs easier and quicker.

Go from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated
to feeling relieved and confident.

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Learn the streamlined, step-by-step IEP writing framework to write IEPs easier and quicker.

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Hey, I'm your IEP Coach!

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am the teacher and advocate behind The Intentional IEP and Mrs. D's Corner. I have a dual-certification in Special Education and Elementary Education, and I am a Master IEP Coach®. I have a deep passion for data collection and all of the paperwork that comes with the job.

With 10 years in the field, and experience in inclusion, resource, and self-contained classroom settings across K-12, I understand firsthand the struggles that come with lack of appropriate trainings, no budgets, huge caseloads, and the ever-changing laws and standards.

I know that not everyone will love IEPs as much as I do, but it is my hope that with the appropriate training and resources, not only will you be able to advocate harder for your students, but also be able to bridge the gap between teachers and families to foster a true IEP Team.

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