Dive deep into the unspoken best practices of IEP writing with Stephanie DeLussey, veteran special ed teacher and expert IEP coach.

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Knowing the latest federal and state law updates for special ed is only one part of IEP writing.

The other part is implementing best practices based on student needs and ever-changing guidelines. And if you’ve ever heard a teacher say “I always do [insert action] because “we’ve always done it this way!””, then you know it might be time to advocate for a little change… in a good way (and have the data to back it up)!

More and more students are being referred for special education services, and you know all too well that an IEP isn’t one size fits all.

IEPs take so much time to write!

And you know that the IEP guidelines we are given are either a little bit loosey goosey or a lotta bit strict with no wiggle room.But as a special education teacher, I know you’d do anything for your students.

That’s why in this 1-hour masterclass, you will learn…


  • My secret to effective IEP team collaboration for working together without finding extra time to do so,

  • Running a smooth and efficient IEP meeting with just 1 piece of paper,

  • Why writing this one percentage in every IEP goal is actually detrimental to the student,

  • The simplest way to write student-centered IEPs, and

  • An easy to follow roadmap to set you down the path to IEP fidelity

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    Because best practices aren’t about loopholes, doing more work, or doing all the work yourself.


    Best practices are all about being effective at what you do and getting you (and your students) the best results.

    About Stephanie

    As a veteran special education teacher, I know what the paperwork overload is like. But I also have always enjoyed writing IEPs and am a self-proclaimed #datanerd. Being one of the few who loves writing IEPs, I do understand, too, that not everyone will love IEPs as much as I do, but it is my hope that with the appropriate training and resources, teachers will not only advocate harder for student services and supports, but also bridge the gap between teachers and families to foster a true IEP Team… while spending less time doing so.

    If you have any questions about your IEP writing process, then this is for you
    because Stephanie will answer any questions you may have. She will also answer questions
    that you didn’t know you needed to ask!

    Amy Dantzler

    Thank you for doing what you do for teachers, families, and case managers. The work that you’ve done for IEP writing, goal writing, data collection, collaboration, case managing, lesson planning, organization… You are an invaluable resource!

    Cortnie Cullen

    I appreciate the tremendous amount of thought and care that went into creating this resource and continuously updating it to make sure it continues to be the valuable resource that it is. I enjoy reading the information and furthering my knowledge in my profession. It has been an invaluable resource for me and I look forward to utilizing it for years to come.

    Jen LaBoe