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Intentional IEP Writing

It's time to quit letting IEPs take over your teacher life. Get back to doing more of what you love - teaching.

Intentional IEP Writing will go over:

  • Module 1: IDEA Law + IEP Basics
  • Module 2: IEP Writing Timeline
  • Module 3: Anatomy of an IEP
  • Module 4: The IEP Meeting

You'll Get:

  • 2 Q&A calls

  • 4 live trainings


  • Intentional Data Collection Training value $147
  • Documentation of Services Training

  • Writing Progress Reports (editable template)

  • Running IEP Teams Built for Success


What People Are Saying:

Before I joined the Intentional IEP Writing I didn't really have a system. I went through each section and filled it out with what I thought went there and I never felt it was fully completed. I have had sporadic trainings across multiple states so it was really hard to know that I was meeting requirements. It is well worth the money to have meaningful supports tailored specifically toward Special Education teachers. Everything circles back to writing the best IEP and supporting teachers which makes it so much more valuable. It is a time saver and game changer. I have been more streamlined in the process. I understand more about what information needs to go in the different areas and how to be thorough in my writing. My process has gotten a lot faster and more efficient.

Jennifer L.

I love the sticky note data collection and look forward to teaching the rest of my team how to use it. I feel like having the data easy to access in the binder rings is going to make writing the present levels so much quicker. I am so appreciative of this program and looking forward to writing my first [IEP] of the year! I have also always dreaded progress reports, but now with my binder ring data collection, I am actually excited for it!

Emma S.